Going through motions and maneuvers in London.
Photo: Jaakko Vanhala
Salutations dear friend and welcome to my tiny homepage. I make noise on my own and with Testicle Hazard, Large Unit, Gentle Evil, The Truckfuckers, Les Manures (with mr. Umpio), and occasionally in ad hoc line ups. Some sound samples can be found from SoundCloud.

Upcoming gigs
Aug 14th, Oslo Jazz Festival, Oslo, Norway - Large Unit
Aug 19, Blow Out Festival, Oslo, Norway - solo
Aug 21, Kuudes aisti, Kuudes linja, Helsinki - solo
Aug 22, Siikainen - solo
Sept 16, New York Finland Movement Dialogues, Suomenlinna - music for dance performance (also Jason Lescalleet and Umpio)
Sept 20, Pori - Die Vierten Schnitzer

Recent releases
Large Unit Rio Fun 12"/mCD (PNL)
V/A Anastasia Ax: 1997-2007 Book+CD (Marhaug Forelag)
V/A Bruitisme 1913-2013 CD (Influencing Machine)
Keränen / Lettera 22 split 7" (Second Sleep)

A rather complete discography here.

Of course playlists are always fun.

Contact information
email: tommik at iki dot fi